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In Love, All Questions Are Answered.

by Dana Safku

A Book Review of The Soul Trek, Vol. 1 by Djana Fahryeva

I’ve been reviewing spiritual books for 5 years. Until now, I’ve not seen a book that speaks to all the facets of a woman’s passionate, but unrequited love and suffering in our age. But now there is Djana Fahryeva’s amazing new book, The Soul Trek.

If you’ve been looking for a book written from the author who has had first hand experience---a reference that is all-encompassing, yet is written in…


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Djana Yoga Art will be exhibited with Free Spirit Yoga Festival in Moscow, Russia

Djana Yoga Art is coming to Moscow!

From August 17 through the 19th, Moscow shall house a special event.

Exhibited, authored, designed and painted by Djana Fahryeva, visual artist, Reiki master, karmic astrologer and author of The Soul Trek Trilogy.

The new project, entitled DJana Yoga Art is a means of putting together her "djana" - wisdom and spiritual knowledge obtained from living in Kopan Monastery in…


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