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.. You thought u are not allowed to choose both.. You thought you are supposed to face this choice: either this or that. Either dark or light. Either masculine or feminine. You thought you cannot afford it… You thought it was too good to be true.. You thought you just want TOO much by just wanting to be totally happy… We don’t have to put all this away. Put the things we love away from us just because they are too perfect for us… You can have all things u like. The key is to PLAY this game. Always remembering its not real. Always keeping in mind that its just a dream. And as long as everyone involved in your choice is happy then all of u can experience this gift of love. That was so easy… You always saw this. Then you forgot and pretended its restricted. So you just changed one extreme to another. Its still slavery. Doesn’t make any difference. You can always have both. Your purpose is to be happy. ALWAYS. ALL WAYS. That’s it. Instead of falling in LOVE you choose to fall OUT of love. And then u give it name FALLEN ANGEL. Sounds cool, doesn’t it ? So attractive. So what does really lead you into temptation ? Beauty or ugliness ? You know the answer yourself. You know what do u really call satan ? You know what satan really is ? Do u know whats behind it ? The answer is simple. LOVE. You couldn’t handle this beauty of love. So to pretend you don’t need it, to pretend Its not good for you u chose to divide your world in two. You said ok, the beauty I cant handle I will call WRONG, DARK, DEVIL. And things I can handle like fights, wars, violence, anger Im gonna call GOD. YOU DID THAT TO YOURSELF. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT. And NOONE IS GONNA PUNISH YOU FOR THAT. You did that the same way you wash your face everyday. So simple except for the fact that u’ve forgotten that. The only reason something seems to be complicated for you is your amnesia. Things you forget you call complicated. Things you remember you call simple. That’s it. There is no need to lie to yourself anymore. There is no need to have fight between your angel and your demon. Let them be friends, not enemies. Just like they used to before.. Two brothers… They forgot they are brothers.. They forgot they came out of the same womb… This is what makes you cry,.. These memories.. This truth… You cry because you realize this was ALWAYS so simple !! You say the truth was always OUT THERE (x-files). Just because it was IN HERE. ITS SAME. You are your own family… You can either kill your brother or love him. You can even kill your mother if this is what pleases you. But always remember you cannot kill something that is eternal. You cannot kill your own ghost. Cause ghosts never die. You can embrace your shadow and be happy. Or you can waste your time on worries and sorries… You don’t have to do this angel.. You’re such a beautiful creation.. Believe me.. No matter what you do its not gonna make you demon… You can try so hard to go down when all u do you go up, just because this is where you ALWAYS are.. You’ve never left this place… DOWN was just an illusion… And you got carried away… You ended up believing it… silly… What a spoiled child you are.. What im gonna do with you, huh ? God loves its creations.. You think im gonna get mad at my own creation ? No, im not… I can only love you more… if to speak in the terms illusion. Your sorrow is over now. You can take off your masquerade costume and leave the stage breathing hardly after u came back from imaginary war… You can watch the movie you shot being director and actor at the same time… You can finally laugh.. enjoying your greatest creation…


You are hero, you know that ?


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Комментарий от: , Февраль 24, 2011 в 7:31pm

красивый лабиринт !


спасибочки огромное !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


прикольно с переводчиком =)))


welcome !!

Комментарий от: XXX, Февраль 24, 2011 в 1:10pm


(пришлось прибегнуть к переводчику, зато на сайте побывав... улыбка заполнила всё моё существо...благодарю "красивое создание"...  "Ваша цель состоит, чтобы быть счастливым..."

и про амнезию в точку у меня она еще часто проскальзывает...





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